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I'm excited to meet you and work together to get you where you want to be. We'll make the future feel like a welcome adventure by creating a plan to be your cool, authentic self with more freedom, choice and fun!

As your coach, I'll offer an outside perspective and a safe space to explore thoughts and feelings. You'll be supported and encouraged to make your own decisions in order to become more confident and successful, and to step into your True U!

Sessions are one (1) hour and are held remotely or in the East end of Toronto.

How Life Coaching Can Help:

Less Stress & Anxiety

​Set priorities and create strategies to manage your time and feel in control. Identify the root of the problem and develop well-designed actions for moving forward.​

Better Grades & Study Habits

Assess and re-vamp current systems, explore learning styles and tools for success.

Stronger Relationships

Define values, consider new perspectives, and adjust approaches to conflict resolution. Explore feelings and how they're expressed to others.

Positive Transition & Change

Strategies for adjusting to new roles and stages of life, such as going to a new school, leaving home for the first time, changes in relationships, or entering the work force.

Motivation & Direction

Discover your passion and gain clarity around what you want, whether it is deciding about post-secondary education, choosing a career path, or other areas of life. Set goals, implement systems to stay on track and identify the things that stop you.

Increased Confidence & Self-Esteem

Explore and appreciate what makes you unique and special. Maximize your strengths and gain tools for helping to feel more comfortable and grounded in stressful situations.​

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I want you to want more for yourself than you ever thought possible!


Single Session


1 Month Package


4 weekly sessions

(15% discount)

3 Month Package


12 weekly sessions

(25% discount)

Let's explore which package is best for you!

Click below to schedule a complimentary intro session:

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