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About Me 

Empowerment Specialist

for teens & young adults


Hi, I'm Jen!

...and I vividly remember the agony of walking down the hall at school feeling like all eyes were on me to see if I was wearing the “right” name brands. The social pressure was real, and that was before Instagram! I remember the stress of fitting in, keeping up, feeling lost and a little terrified about the future.


My plan was far from clear. I majored in theatre then switched to psychology after being told I’d “end up being a waitress”. I traveled and discovered there was a bigger world out there, so did another switch to international marketing. That resulted in job after job that didn’t fit, eating out of boredom and feeling like a loser. Eventually, becoming a mom inspired me to run my own successful business and ultimately find my calling as a coach.

I figured things out, but I often think how nice it would’ve been to have someone offer a different perspective from my friends, parents, or teachers. Someone to give me a safe space to sort out thoughts and feelings, to listen and really “get” me. Someone to see my potential, help me realize that I was good enough and believe that my future was bright. Someone to help me be true to myself and figure out not only what I needed but what I really wanted.

Today I work with young people to set them up for life and get them excited about the future. As a mom of two teenagers, I know the current issues young people face. I want you to know that you are good enough.


I want you to want more for yourself than you ever thought possible. I want you to get to know your true YOU!

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