Certified Life Coach

I believe in growing UP, which does NOT mean growing old and boring! It means to continuing to grow in the right direction, no matter what your age or stage of life.

I offer Life Coaching for teens, young adults, and anyone else who wants grow into the best version of themselves. 


I specialize in helping people adapt to change. Growth and change can be scary, but I help my clients embrace the process. Together, we'll create an exciting vision along with a plan and action steps that will help you to feel motivated and excited about the future.

Whether you're a teenager entering high school or university, a young (or not so young!) adult preparing to leave your parents' basement, a first-time parent, or even an empty-nester, the process is the same - I ask questions that get you thinking about what you want, who you want to be, where you want to go, and how to get there!

Areas of Expertise

Teens & Young Adults
Transition & Change
Health & Wellness
Certified Academic Life Coach & Wellness Coach
Executive, Wellness & Academic Life Coach Instructor
"From the bottom, fighting from a debilitating illness that gutted my life, Jen has helped me put the pieces together in a way I didn't even know was possible. Grounded, compassionate and present, her keen awareness and skilled listening create a powerful coherence that allows appropriate perspective and deep truths to emerge as electric motivation! I am now on the correct course for ultimate achievement and I am forever grateful!"
- Ramona A. Bernardi, R.M.T.

About Life Coaching

Life is busy, but life coaching offers time to take stock, re-evaluate, prioritize and re-energize. As your coach, I'm here to encourage you to not just go through the motions, but to thrive and truly get what you want out of life.


I help clients of all ages to grow UP and become the best version of themselves. Just as you might hire a coach or personal trainer for your body, life coaching is like a workout for your inner self. It ensures that your entire being is healthy, energized, positive, and functioning at its best. 


Life coaching provides a nonjudgmental space to explore thoughts and feelings. I offer an outside perspective and by asking the right questions, help you to gain clarity and discover (or re-discover) your life's passion.

Together, we'll create a defined vision and achievable goals while uncovering potential. We'll explore the value of acquiring specific skills, perspectives and mindsets that will give you a leg up as you enter a new and exciting stage of life!

Here are a few ways life coaching can help:

  • Transition & Change: accept and adapt to a new role or stage of life

  • Motivation & Direction: find renewed enthusiasm and gain clarity around what you really want

  • Work/Life Balance: set priorities and develop strategies to better manage your time and feel in control

  • Goals & Boundaries: create powerful action steps and eliminate the things that stop you

  • Stress & anxiety: pinpoint the root of the problem and develop coping strategies

Life Coaching for Teens & Young Adults...



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