Life Coaching Sessions

Life coaching helps clients of ALL ages to grow UP and become the best version of themselves! Whether it be a matter of personal growth or overcoming obstacles to achieve your goals in areas such as career, relationships, parenting, healthy life balance, transition and change, or overall well-being,  we'll work on helping you to be clear on what you want and implement steps to get there.

Sessions are held in person in the East end of Toronto, or internationally via video conference for your convenience.

Sessions are one (1) hour and can be scheduled as often as you like.

Click here to book an introductory session.

Life Coaching for Teens & Young Adults

Kids feel comfortable talking to me. Let me help to start the conversation.

It can be hard for young people to open up, but life coaching provides a safe and nonjudgmental space to explore thoughts and feelings, create a vision, and define goals.​ Sessions for teens and young adults are similar to those with adults, but with a focus on teen typical teen issues such as:

  • stress & anxiety around grades, career path and the future

  • pressure from social media

  • frustration in relationships

  • body image and self-esteem

For clients focusing on school, I also offer a 10-week Academic Life Coaching program where we work together to identify goals and ways to achieve them, as well as exploring thinking, motivation and learning styles and how understanding these can help to improve results.

Workshops & Presentations

SET FOR LIFE™ Workshop

This workshop helps teens and young adults develop mental preparedness as well as practical know-how in areas such as social skills, etiquette, grammar, presentation skills, and general knowledge, to equip them for success as they enter the "real world".


Customized workshops and presentations are available for your school, club, or work environment. Click here to contact me and find out how we can work together!

"Jen was an excellent role model to have speak at our club. She provided the girls with amazing tools to take with them in their everyday lives as well as their professional careers ahead. She made the workshop a safe environment for the girls to share their concerns about the future and helped them to think of tips and tricks they could use to put their minds at ease."

- Cassidy MacDonald, Co-President, Young Women's Empowerment Group. Malvern C.I.

My Approach

Growing UP takes courage, but it helps when you have someone in your corner. I'm here to see you get more of what you want, but rather than tell you what you "should" or "must" do, I'll help you hear what you're already telling yourself, or what you know deep down. Ultimately, we'll work together to create a plan with action steps that work for you!

I've been described as being approachable, friendly and like "talking to an old friend". I offer an honest, unbiased perspective and am not afraid to "go there" and ask the tough questions that are sometimes necessary for growth. My most natural role in life has been motherhood, and some of those aspects carry over into my coaching style. That's not to say that I "parent" my clients, but I aim to nurture, listen, encourage growth, and give you a caring push when you need it. 

I believe in coaching and have experienced its power, both as a client and as a coach. I've learned to embrace the fact that I will never know it all and I believe we're all beautiful works-in-progress as long as we continue to grow!

My Story

Like many young people, my path in life wasn’t always clear. Prior to becoming a Life Coach, I was conflicted by the thought of going back to work after my maternity leave. Fortunately, the old saying, "necessity is the mother of invention" rang true. I turned my favourite hobby into a baby-friendly job, and for over ten years I taught Salsa dancing to new moms while their little ones bounced along in baby carriers, shaking mini maracas.

Classes quickly expanded and the next thing I knew, I was being featured in newspapers, magazines, and on television. Participants liked what I was doing and often came to me for advice on how to launch a new business or ways to find work-life balance. Transition, risk, and re-defining goals became familiar territory and I discovered a knack for helping others navigate those challenges.


Combined with genuine curiosity, this provided the perfect foundation on which to build a coaching career. I had a good thing going but I was ready for a change. My own Life Coach played a major role in helping me to identify this (thanks Ellen!) and I took the plunge into a new and fulfilling career.

Today, I have the pleasure of coaching many of my former "salsa babies" who are now all grown up. Seeing these kids again under new circumstances is a reminder of how time flies, but also an example of the gifts life brings when we embrace change!

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."

- E.E. Cummings


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